Merry Christmas –  Wishing You and Your Loved Ones a Great Holiday Season

From the Area 27 Team to you, we wish you all the best over the holidays and into the New Year! If you are travelling this season we wish you a safe journey. If you are staying in the “Great White North” or are just South of the border, we hope that you stay bundled up and warm. Enjoy your loved ones this time of year and remember, only 100(ish) days until track season!

As the 2019 season comes to a close we would like to take this opportunity to reflect on what was accomplished this season, and to talk about the exciting new developments at Area 27. 

First off, we have been extremely pleased to see members enjoying the Clubhouse. We would especially like to thank everyone involved during the build. It was through their extraordinary efforts that allowed it to be completed before mid-season. It is always great to see members enjoying lunch together as they discuss their last session on the track. With the addition of the Clubhouse, the track truly feels like a home for the Motorsports enthusiast.

Moving forward we are expecting the furniture package for the Clubhouse to arrive any day now. These new additions will make the clubhouse feel even more welcoming and special.

It has also been great to see members out enjoying the new Karting facility: Kartplex. We have had great feedback on the track, and it’s intricate challenges. Craig and his team are doing an excellent job of providing first class rental karts, along with full service race kart purchases and preparation. If you are interested in hosting your own private event at the kart track please feel free to contact Rose at Kartplex so she can help with the arrangements.


During this off season we will be expanding, and adding, to the gravel traps around the circuit, as well as placing additional tires, and adding conveyor belt to the tires. More than a few drivers have happily tested the gravel traps this year, which proved effective at slowing their vehicles to prevent impact with the tire barriers. These are all part of our ongoing safety and landscaping improvements that we do every off season. We are happy to have finalized a deal to have fuel provided at the track and expect construction of the 94 octane Petro Canada station to happen this off season.  


  1. Beginning of construction of curbing at exit of turn 5
  2. Addition of gravel trap at turn 2
  3. Relocation of turn 9 exit wall
  4. Expansion of turn 1 gravel trap

Area 27 management has been monitoring Members track use every year since opening in order to determine the appropriate number of active Members to keep the club healthy and always enjoyable. With that as the goal SOMC (South Okanagan Motorsports Corporation) is currently setting the number at about 385 and will continue to monitor usage as SOMC works towards that number. This will insure a vibrant and financially secure club for the future. The initiation fee will remain $55,000 until January 1st, after which time it will increase to $60,000. If there are any remaining memberships as of October 1st, 2020, the initiation fee will then increase to $65,000. Proceeds from new membership sales will be used towards new and enhanced Member amenities. SOMC continues to work towards providing members with the highest quality facility and best value in motorsports.