The Area 27 Circuit has the unique distinction of being envisioned, designed, engineered, and constructed by professional racecar drivers. Designed to take advantage of the natural terrain, Area 27’s sixteen turns flow through elevation changes like a favorite country road.

Straightaways are long enough to generate speed and to allow the driver time to assimilate the previous corner’s challenge. Great corners are defined by what comes before and what happens after them – Area 27 was built with this in mind.

Construction began on February 2nd, 2016 for a seven-month build schedule that would culminate with the first laps taking place on August 30th, 2016.

“My passion for racing started when I was 5. The only thing I wanted to do everyday, as a little boy, was to play with little cars around the tracks I had designed on the carpets or with books. It later evolved into slot-car racing where the fun and passion of designing tracks was as strong as playing with the cars themselves.

I have been lucky to race all over the globe on a diversity of tracks over the years. Some tracks were amazing for that single qually lap excitement of driving on the edge and pushing the limit. Other tracks provided for great races with incredible overtaking opportunities. With all these options for rushes of adrenalin, there were also the tracks that seemed to lack soul or excitement.

I have always relished the challenge of designing an exciting track, taking into account the single lap excitement, combined with wheel-to-wheel racing opportunities, all while avoiding the pitfalls of the uninteresting tracks. The goal is to design a track I would be proud of getting pole position on, where the fans would also enjoy watching an exciting race.”

Designed by a Champion
Jacques Villeneuve


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