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We offer members an in-house spec series for enthusiasts to enjoy a competitive and constructive racing environment. Drivers learn about car set-up and enjoy great camaraderie with fellow members. Motorsport just doesn’t get any better than this.

Our club racing series is sanction by ORRA 27 and sponsored by Pirelli

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GT27 Series

The Area 27 GT27 Championship was conceived as a cost-effective entry-level Motorsport series. The rules, as written, are intended to promote competitive racing and lower start-up costs. The series provides new racers with a high level of driver safety and an opportunity to develop their race craft.

Drivers are encouraged to focus their attention on the set-up and driving of their cars, rather than trying to spend the most money to build the fastest car. This allows drivers to better understand their vehicles and become better racing drivers, all well enjoying great camaraderie with fellow members. The series features a novel and proven equalization formula that allows different vehicles and brands to be competitive with each other.

Every season so far has seen the championship come down to the final race, with competitors separated by only a few points. Motorsport doesn’t get any better than that, and that is the Spirit of the Area 27 GT27 Championship.


GT54 Series

The GT54 comprises two divisions of GT cars representing the fastest full-bodied race cars at Area 27. The GT54E division is for cars with paddle/sequential shift gear boxes, and with Carbon Ceramic brakes being allowed. The GT54M division is for cars with conventional standard transmissions and steel brake rotors. Both classes run on racing slick tires and require the highest standard for on board safety equipment.

GT54E cars include Porsche Cup cars, Ferrari Challenge cars, Lamborghini Trofeo cars ,as well as, cars like the Ford GT Mk II.

The GT54M class cars feature TA2 cars, NASCAR road racers, Dodge Viper ACRXs, Panoz Racers, and other front engine tube frame vehicles.

GT54, as with all series at Area 27, must conform to Area 27’s strict sound level policy. Drivers for GT54 must have an ORRA 27 senior license prior to competing in their first race. For Driver/vehicle eligibility, please contact Area 27 staff or an ORRA 27 official prior to purchasing a vehicle.

Radical SR3 Series

Championship Series

The Radical SR3 championship was a natural for Area 27, having already established itself at other motorsports country clubs as the premier spec racing car.

The SR3 racing Radicals feature Suzuki Hyabusa engines, identical suspensions, a spec tire, and must meet a minimum weight at the end of every race session. This recipe keeps the racing fast, and the competition close. At Area 27, the Radical series has benefitted from a track that truly shows off the potential of the car. The challenging, smooth flowing circuit has contributed to some incredible racing action. Typically, there are at least 20 cars taking the green flag on any race weekend. Not since the formula Atlantic days at Westwood has there been such high-speed excitement in Western Canada.

RS1 Series

This racing series makes a semi-annual guest appearance at Area 27, typically running at tracks throughout North America each season, the “RS1 Challenge” and “RS1 Cup” series race in June & September. In this series, go wheel-to-wheel racing in a true driver’s car, a car that emphasizes driver skill over computer assistance.

Racers enjoy the support of the arrive and drive program, where you can expect your RS1 to be tuned, fueled, and ready to race – drivers only need to worry about supplying the skill, determination, and excitement. Apply the throttle and carefully unleash 450 V-8 horsepower through a 4-speed gearbox to racing slick tires. The RS1’s are designed to be safe, fast, and engaging to drive.

For more information about running in either the RS1 Cup or RS1 Challenge series, go to


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ORRA 27 is the governing body of Motorsports for the South Okanagan & Osoyoos First Nation territories.