Area 27’s 4.83km world-class circuit is a hidden gem, located just 5 minutes East of Oliver, B.C. and a short 30-minute drive from Penticton, B.C. Academy 27 features one-on-one coaching from Canada’s top motorsport professionals and is available to drivers looking to refine their driving skills.

The Area 27 Kartplex karting centre features arrive and drive wheel-to-wheel racing, it’s guaranteed to get the adrenaline flowing. Proper race karts on a proper race circuit provide all the right ingredients for a visceral ‘seat of the pants’ experience.

Area 27 offers a Grand Prix lifestyle with luxurious amenities for the motorsport enthusiast. The Area 27 Clubhouse features a 3,500 square foot dining room, high-end members locker rooms, state of the art classroom, and drivers pro shop. Blessed with commanding views of the circuit and an outdoor BBQ centre, the 2,500 square foot patio is the perfect location to enjoy the action and entertain your guests.


Eau Rouge, 130R, Ste. Devote and Parabolica – corners that create heroes, crush egos and always demand respect. These are the corners that define careers on circuits where legends are born. These are the tracks known as ‘Driver’s Circuits’.

Built following modern racetrack guidelines, features like large run-off zones, gravel traps, and tire walls combine to promote a safe track day environment. Enthusiasts can comfortably explore the limits of even the most exotic performance machine.

Jacques Villeneuve designed the circuit at Area 27 to capture the essence of the Classic Grand Prix track and to instantly be recognized as a ‘Driver’s Track’. Classic elements combine to captivate, challenge and reward drivers of all skill levels.

Enthusiast’s Dream: President, Bill Drossos
Inspired by a Legend: Gille Villeneuve
Designed by a Champion: Jacques Villeneuve
Engineered by a Pro: Trevor Seibert