The Camaro Driving Academy is setting a new standard in high-performance driver education. The Academy’s curriculum is designed to give you the right tools to master every corner. Motorsports enthusiasts of all experience levels have an opportunity to drive on Canada’s most exclusive circuit, taking advantage of programs Level 1 through Level 3.

Drivers will spend time with Kees Nierop, Chief Instructor, and his accomplished driving instructors as they take you from classroom theory to testing your skills on track. Learn the essential skills to master any track from some of Canada’s top drivers on the most technically demanding circuit, join the academy today.


Affiliated Programs



Discover the exciting new Camaro V8 SS 1LE on the world-class Area 27 road circuit. This half-day evening experience is tailor-made for entry-level drivers who are interested in getting a taste of what it’s like to drive on a FIA approved racetrack! The Camaro V8 SS 1LE provides an exhilarating platform to start your journey of performance driving with an on-track exercise and several lead-follow styled sessions.

V8 SS 1LE: $795.00 +GST



Join us for a fun-fueled day getting a taste of the basics in high-performance driving on Area 27’s circuit and exploring all terrain off-road on the Birds of Prey Off-Road Park.

Individuals, private parties, and corporate entertainment options are available to get you and your guests on-track.

The Motorsports Mixer is the perfect opportunity to experience raw power on the Area 27 circuit with lead-followed styled sessions along with a taste of all terrain on the ZR2 Park in Chevrolet’s latest ZR2 Colorado and Silverado trucks.

Please inquire for package rates & availability.



Get a taste of Canada’s most exclusive and technically demanding motorsports circuit. Designed for drivers of all levels, this program provides participants with an introduction to high performance driving and focuses on developing the fundamental skills towards open lapping at Area 27.

Explore the basics of car control with hands on training. Drivers will have ample time to sharpen techniques such as accurate steering, corner entry & exit, and braking & downshifting as our team of highly skilled coaches lead drivers through all 16 turns of the circuit.

Once you get a taste, explore our 2.5-day academy to take your performance driving skills to the next level.

Personal Vehicle: $1,295.00 +GST
V8 SS 1LE: $2,195.00 +GST



Drivers will first spend time in the classroom with Kees Nierop, Chief Instructor, and his accomplished driving instructors as they take you through a theory session covering track terminology and safety, braking technique, and proper driving.

Day 1 on track, drivers will be ready to take in the circuit applying several performance techniques including weight transfer, corner set-up, entry and exit phases, all while building up to short course open lapping. On Day 2, drivers will take advantage of the full circuit starting with a morning track walk, followed by instructor led lapping with one-on-one feedback from each instructor. Drivers will then have the ability to experience full circuit open lapping with comprehensive group and individual performance evaluations.

Drivers learn the essential skills to master any track, theory combined with practice of fundamentals, on the most technically demanding circuit. Upon successful completion of the 2.5-Day Camaro Driving Academy, drivers will be recognized with a certificate of graduation.

V8 SS 1LE: $4,295.00 +GST