The Camaro Driving Academy is in its second season at Area 27 and is boasting 16 course dates from April to October. The calendar has been released online and registration can be done through the website:  Check it out!



New PDR Advanced Lapping

This year we’ve introduced a new program: the 1-day PDR Advanced Lapping Program with the V6 and V8 cars from the Camaro fleet.

The exhilarating Performance Data Recorder (PDR) Advanced Lapping course combines state of the art motorsport data acquisition with expert driver instruction. The Camaro 1LE track package cars come equipped with the latest performance data recorder monitoring all driving dynamics during a track session. Our team of highly skilled coaches are able to dissect the data using the Cosworth Race Engineering tool box. The detailed analysis will reveal which sections of the track students are doing well, and which sections need improvement. This course is tailor made to develop driver precision, to become smoother, and to go quicker.

Drivers will develop their trail braking technique, optimizing brake pressure in order to maximize corner entry. Apex speed, position, and steering angle, all contribute to higher exit speeds and lower lap times. If you have already completed the 2.5 day Camaro Driving Academy then the PDR Advanced Lapping is the next step to take you to the next level.

Advanced Lapping

For those of you looking for a refresher to kick off the season and to further fine tune your skills, while still driving your own vehicle on track, we are hosting a 1-day Advanced Lapping course exclusively on April 26th. This is a great way to experience feedback from Kees and his team of professionals all at once. Again, registration is done through the following link on the website: Members receive a special discount code for pre-registration, check your latest members’ new letter for more information.

2-Day Motorcycle Academy

Lastly, for all of our “two wheel” members and friends, Academy 27 is continuing with another two day riding course, May 13-14, with Chief Instructor Ken Hill and his team of distinguished coaches. Click here to register online: This course is perfect for the new track rider or someone with years of experience looking to take their riding to the next level – they will tailor to your skill level.

Join the Academy today!

Every off season presents us with an opportunity to work on various upgrades and improvements to the facility. Prior to the winter holidays, we received the majority of the custom bespoke furniture for the clubhouse. There will be comfortable seating for up to 90 people indoors, and another 60 on the patio. Tables sourced from Chase Office Interiors, while couches, chairs and stools sourced from LIV Hospitality. We look forward to members enjoying the comfortable and hospitable environment at the clubhouse this season. More is still yet to come as we plan to add to the clubhouse incrementally.


Scott and the grounds team have been busy with the installation of additional circuit safety features. These items include: expanded and additional gravel traps, new tire barriers, flagger stands, and conveyor belt added to tire barriers. These ongoing efforts are part of the process of Area 27 working to become the first motorsport country club to achieve international standards and recognition. Club racing is growing and becoming better every season. We are constantly looking to facilitate new and exciting opportunities for members interested in motorsports in the upcoming seasons. Improving the circuit every year is commensurate to achieving these objectives.

The grounds team has also been busy with landscaping efforts to continually improve the appearance of Area 27. Newly top soiled and seeded areas, along with additional irrigation are all part of the package.

Merry Christmas –  Wishing You and Your Loved Ones a Great Holiday Season

From the Area 27 Team to you, we wish you all the best over the holidays and into the New Year! If you are travelling this season we wish you a safe journey. If you are staying in the “Great White North” or are just South of the border, we hope that you stay bundled up and warm. Enjoy your loved ones this time of year and remember, only 100(ish) days until track season!

As the 2019 season comes to a close we would like to take this opportunity to reflect on what was accomplished this season, and to talk about the exciting new developments at Area 27. 

First off, we have been extremely pleased to see members enjoying the Clubhouse. We would especially like to thank everyone involved during the build. It was through their extraordinary efforts that allowed it to be completed before mid-season. It is always great to see members enjoying lunch together as they discuss their last session on the track. With the addition of the Clubhouse, the track truly feels like a home for the Motorsports enthusiast.

Moving forward we are expecting the furniture package for the Clubhouse to arrive any day now. These new additions will make the clubhouse feel even more welcoming and special.

It has also been great to see members out enjoying the new Karting facility: Kartplex. We have had great feedback on the track, and it’s intricate challenges. Craig and his team are doing an excellent job of providing first class rental karts, along with full service race kart purchases and preparation. If you are interested in hosting your own private event at the kart track please feel free to contact Rose at Kartplex so she can help with the arrangements.


During this off season we will be expanding, and adding, to the gravel traps around the circuit, as well as placing additional tires, and adding conveyor belt to the tires. More than a few drivers have happily tested the gravel traps this year, which proved effective at slowing their vehicles to prevent impact with the tire barriers. These are all part of our ongoing safety and landscaping improvements that we do every off season. We are happy to have finalized a deal to have fuel provided at the track and expect construction of the 94 octane Petro Canada station to happen this off season.  


  1. Beginning of construction of curbing at exit of turn 5
  2. Addition of gravel trap at turn 2
  3. Relocation of turn 9 exit wall
  4. Expansion of turn 1 gravel trap

Area 27 management has been monitoring Members track use every year since opening in order to determine the appropriate number of active Members to keep the club healthy and always enjoyable. With that as the goal SOMC (South Okanagan Motorsports Corporation) is currently setting the number at about 385 and will continue to monitor usage as SOMC works towards that number. This will insure a vibrant and financially secure club for the future. The initiation fee will remain $55,000 until January 1st, after which time it will increase to $60,000. If there are any remaining memberships as of October 1st, 2020, the initiation fee will then increase to $65,000. Proceeds from new membership sales will be used towards new and enhanced Member amenities. SOMC continues to work towards providing members with the highest quality facility and best value in motorsports.

Interested in Club Racing at Area 27? Here’s what you need to know….

Whether you’re looking to get into a Radical SR3, a RS1 Track Car or a GTU Race car, the rules & regulations can all be found by clicking HERE ….  BUT, contain your excitement! Before you delve too far into this riveting document please note a few key points:

  1. GTU competitors, keep in mind that unless it specifically says you can do something please assume that you cannot – with regards to car modifications
  2. All competitors in all series’ are required to have a transponder if they wish to be scored – these can be purchased at reception in the clubhouse
  3. Guests are permitted to compete in Club Racing but must meet Area 27’s skill level requirements, use a member’s guest pass, and register as a guest on the race’s corresponding Eventbrite. This does count towards their 3-day driving limit.

Lastly, if you have any series specific tech questions, or are wondering how you can compete in one of these exciting classes, please contact the follow class reps:

Area 27 presents a social unlike any other, in partnership with Black Hills Estate Winery.

Join us on November 14th for the annual Area 27 Fall social. This exclusive event will commence with a 7:00pm private pre-screening of Ford v Ferrari at the Landmark Cinemas in Penticton, followed by an after party and awards presentation at the Bufflehead Lounge in the Lakeside Resort.

It really is better to be a member!

Membership at Area 27 is more than just access to an incredible track and state-of-the-art clubhouse! We’ve been working hard to create partnerships with various retailers, accommodators, wineries, and more to enhance our membership experience.

Benefits include discounts ranging from 5% to 60% off from the following companies. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll have access to as an Area 27 member:

Area 27 is announcing a new partnership, presenting a reciprocal track agreement with APEX Motor Club, just outside of Scottsdale, AZ. More information on their facility can be found on their website: APEX MOTOR CLUB.

Each year Area 27 try to provide more value to our membership with new member benefits. With this partnership, members will be given the privilege to visit and use APEX’s facility each season. Let us tell you how the reciprocal will work:

For any questions or to book some track time at APEX Motor Club please contact Matt at 1-855-404-7223 or* 

*membership information must be provided

Normally Area 27’s season runs from April until the end of October weather dependent, fortunately the weather has been in our favour this year allowing us to extend into early November.

Since next weekend’s weather is looking sunny and warm (enough) we’ll be open for Members’ Lapping! November 3rd will be the last day for lapping for the 2019 track season.

Friendly reminder, that this time of year, the facility opens at 8am, the drivers’/riders’ meeting is at 9am and the track goes “hot” shortly thereafter. We break for lunch from 12-1pm, the track closes at 5pm and the facility closes at 6pm. Alternating run groups will be set at the morning meeting dependant on who is at the track, with the exception of November 2nd. This day will still be a Members’ Lapping day, but it will also be host to our first ever Dutchway GT Enduro Race. They will have a 30 minute practice at 1pm and the race will conclude the day commencing at 4pm. Come out and watch history in the making at Area 27!