Dutchway presents the 1st Annual GT Enduro Race at Area 27 on November 2nd. We will require a minimum of 10 cars (20 drivers) to register prior to October 30th for the race to proceed. Registration is done through the following link: I WANT TO GO RACING. The Dutchway GT Enduro Regulations are as follows: 1) There will be one thirty minute practice and one 1-hour enduro race open to Area 27 GTU eligible race cars. 2) There will be no qualifying session. Race grid will begin in the order registration is received on Eventbrite. 3) There will be one mandatory 5-minute pit stop. Entrants must have completed the 5-minute pit stop between the 15-minute and 45-minute point in the race. 4) Pit Stop Procedure: when a car enters the hot pits,  pit lane speed of 50km/h is in effect. The car must proceed to the east facing lane and stop on the concrete at their assigned pit. The car must remain stationary and engine off for 5-minutes minimum. Driver changes shall occur at this time. REFUELLING IS FORBIDDEN 5) Everyone in the pits must wear long pants, closed toe shoes and be at least 18 years of age or older - no exceptions. 6) Pit Stop Timing: Pit stops will be timed by the teams on an honor basis but Area 27 race personnel will be verifying pit stop times at random. Time will start as the car comes to a complete stop. Cars may not proceed at pit out unless instructed to do so by the Pit Lane Marshal. 7) Race Procedures: There will be one pace lap behind the pace car. The race time starts as the lead car crosses the starting line after the drop of the green flag and ends after 60 minutes. In the event of an incident, the pace car may be used with double yellow flags displayed at all stations around the course. Pits will remain open. No passing is permitted while yellow flags are displayed and no driver may pass the pace car unless waived by. Car must cross the finish line and take the checkered flag under own power for official position or will be scored as DNF. Procedures will be discussed at the mandatory driver's meeting. 8) Driver’s Meeting: There will be a mandatory Driver’s meeting on November 2nd, at 11:00am in the Academy 27 classroom. Each driver will receive a helmet sticker at the driver’s meeting. You must have a helmet sticker in order to participate in the event. Drivers who miss the Driver's Meeting will not be allowed to participate. 9) Black Flag: If you are Black Flagged, you must stop at the Black Flag station on pit lane for consultation. Black Flag stops will not count as a mandatory pit stop. You must return to the circuit after consultation and do at least one lap before making a mandatory pit stop. Cars receiving a Mechanical Black Flag (meatball) must stop at their assigned pit box for necessary repairs, this may count as your mandatory 5 minute pit stop. 10) Race Cancellation: No refunds will be administered after October 30th unless determined the minimum number of entries (10) is not met or there is snow on the track. Fee charged by Eventbrite ticketing services is non-refundable. 11) Transponders: A working transponder is required to be eligible to compete. There will not be transponders availble for rent at the track. Non-Members competing in the race must be a guest of a Member and use a Members’ guest pass or, be in good standing on the Prospective Members waitlist.  Non-Member guests, not including those on the waitlist, must still comply with the maximum three (3) driving day rule. Entry Fees are $150/car + tax & Eventbrite fees. All prices are in CDN funds. Entry fees go towards covering costs for additional marshals, race personnel, insurance, tow truck on standby and medical services on-site. For any questions regarding the race regulations or procedures please contact Jim Keller at jim_keller@telus.net. For any questions regarding registration please contact Felicity Johnson at felicity@area27.ca.