Every off season presents us with an opportunity to work on various upgrades and improvements to the facility. Prior to the winter holidays, we received the majority of the custom bespoke furniture for the clubhouse. There will be comfortable seating for up to 90 people indoors, and another 60 on the patio. Tables sourced from Chase Office Interiors, while couches, chairs and stools sourced from LIV Hospitality. We look forward to members enjoying the comfortable and hospitable environment at the clubhouse this season. More is still yet to come as we plan to add to the clubhouse incrementally. On-Track Scott and the grounds team have been busy with the installation of additional circuit safety features. These items include: expanded and additional gravel traps, new tire barriers, flagger stands, and conveyor belt added to tire barriers. These ongoing efforts are part of the process of Area 27 working to become the first motorsport country club to achieve international standards and recognition. Club racing is growing and becoming better every season. We are constantly looking to facilitate new and exciting opportunities for members interested in motorsports in the upcoming seasons. Improving the circuit every year is commensurate to achieving these objectives. The grounds team has also been busy with landscaping efforts to continually improve the appearance of Area 27. Newly top soiled and seeded areas, along with additional irrigation are all part of the package.