Oliver B.C. - Camaro Driving Academy Area 27 Motorsports Park is very proud to announce a new partnership with General Motors Canada and Chevrolet. Area 27 is now the official home of the Camaro Driving Academy, featuring a fleet of Chevrolet Camaros equipped with the 1LE track package. The 2.5 day high performance driving course is open to the public and offers a curriculum approved by the ASN FIA for Canada. Instruction is provided by a roster of Canada’s top racing professionals including chief instructor Kees Nierop. The Camaro 1LE is a perfectly balanced drivers’ car that is just as ideally suited to your favourite road as it is to Area 27’s many challenging, and undulating corners. The fleet includes the 4-cylinder turbo, V-6 RS models, and the V-8 SS models, all equipped with the 1LE track package. To provide the ultimate grip, consistency, and predictability on the track, the cars are fitted with specially developed Goodyear F-1 Supercar 3 tires. Stopping power is supplied by massive Brembo brakes engineered to meet the demands of the most challenging circuits. The 1LE track package traces its history back 30 years to the Canadian GM Motorsport racing series. The demands of road racing required upgraded suspension, brakes, cooling, and drivetrain components. It is a fitting tribute to the Camaro 1LE’s origin to have the official Camaro Driving Academy hosted at the Area 27 circuit, a track designed by Canada’s own World Champion, Jacques Villeneuve. The combination of the Camaro 1LE, Area 27 track, and expert Academy 27 instruction, will provide for the highest level of driver education. Area 27 welcomes General Motors Canada and Chevrolet to the South Okanagan, being honoured to continue a tradition of excellence.