Normally Area 27's season runs from April until the end of October weather dependent, fortunately the weather has been in our favour this year allowing us to extend into early November. Since next weekend's weather is looking sunny and warm (enough) we'll be open for Members' Lapping! November 3rd will be the last day for lapping for the 2019 track season. Friendly reminder, that this time of year, the facility opens at 8am, the drivers'/riders' meeting is at 9am and the track goes "hot" shortly thereafter. We break for lunch from 12-1pm, the track closes at 5pm and the facility closes at 6pm. Alternating run groups will be set at the morning meeting dependant on who is at the track, with the exception of November 2nd. This day will still be a Members' Lapping day, but it will also be host to our first ever Dutchway GT Enduro Race. They will have a 30 minute practice at 1pm and the race will conclude the day commencing at 4pm. Come out and watch history in the making at Area 27!