February 8/18 – Big News:The Grand Tour at Area 27 This past October Area 27 was host to Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May for the season 2 filming of episode 10 of The Grand Tour. We wanted to tell you, but they made us sign a piece of paper saying we wouldn’t!! Formerly known for their antics on Top Gear, this trio has travelled the globe with their entertaining antics behind the wheel. During this special episode of The Grand Tour, the gents test their skills driving SUVs around Area 27’s many challenging corners. James May (Captain Slow) told Bill he thought he made it through corner 7 correctly...once. This hilarious episode airs tomorrow evening, February 9th, on Amazon Prime but be sure to check out the trailer below today! [embed]http://https://youtu.be/6wuV4531d9c[/embed]